Thanks to the Fed I wont have to pay the whole 90,000 in student loans

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jueco2005, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. At the current level of inflation i see myself paying a real fraction of today's monthly payments.

    15 years from now it wont even matter in my personal budget.
  2. ElCubano


    This cat needs a debt coach, Marines Style....
  3. My Grandfather paid 5 cents to ride the bus

    My father paid 50 cents to ride the bus

    I pay 2 Euro to ride the bus

    I respect and to a certain degree agree we face deflationary pressures along the way but to believe my busfare will fall back to the 50 cent level is really stretching all boundaries of imagination.

    Just ain't going to happen.
  4. I'm in your same boat and like the notion, but inflation is some time off. I am going back to school and positioning my retirement account for deflation. its a hedge to not be a debt slave. if we have inflation, great. if we have deflation, great.

    I'm only worried about selective inflation or deflation, like wage deflation coupled with price inflation or something like that. in that case I can speak spanish and portugese so I can just jump ship if needed lol.

    and there's always trying to transfer the debt to an unsecured line and defaulting.

    Its all a game, our nations premeir financial institutions have drilled that idea home.