Thanks Nazi's, ,,er...I mean Republicans

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  1. pabst, is it your opinion that the poor are poor largely through there own inaction and lack of ambition, laziness, perhaps stupidity?? it is their own fault?
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    I think life's opportunities are predicated by a combination of character, talent and random luck. A bright guy who does the right things only need stay away from bad luck. If you're stupid and lazy you need to hit a lot of inside straights on the river. Happens though........
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    Clearly. (as if "king georgie" had anything to do with this ...)

    I haven't made a very good point here, I'll admit.

    The thread compares Republicans to Nazi's/Totalatarians. (what's new)

    The poster probably believes had there should be an ever larger federal apparatus to clean people's pants when they shit in them.
    (ie; The "type" that looks to the feds first ...)

    I'm of the opinion people should first be responsible for dropping their own pants.
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  4. ok, so not all can be rich or well off?

    i was curious because you do not seem to empathize with the plight of the poor but you come across here as though they have a choice.
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  5. oh, and if they are poor by necessity doesn't THEIR govt have an obligation to provide them a humane existence?

    just wondering what your thoughts are pabst
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    I think in this post a couple of weeks ago I hit upon it:

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    Quote from ZZZzzzzzzz:

    Take home pay...being above poverty level.

    You're making assumptions that have little practical value. Studies show that the overwhelming majority of minimum wage employees either do not head households (students ect.) or are seniors supplementing retirement income. Bumping the 16 yo working behind the soda fountain in the Fashion Plaza is not a paramount moral concern.

    We should all be sensitive to the plight of those raising families at or near the poverty level. However the reality is most "working poor" are already making more than the MW. (jobs in the $7-$10.00 per hour zone). For many poor it's not so much about wages as it is other factors like available time that make economic survival difficult. Try being a single mom raising a couple of toddlers and still be able to put in a 40 hour week.

    This is where conservatives often differ with liberals. The goal of society should be rooted in justice and solutions. Empty symbolism is pointless. We must deal with a wide strata such as developing transportation networks that help folks commute from affordable neighborhoods to jobs in outlying areas, enabling mom's with innovative child care options, free alcohol and substance abuse help, and job training/networking programs. However those institutional changes require wholesale commitment. I guess it's easier to just say "raise MW by a buck and call it a day."
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    As well as here:


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    I've never said I oppose MW laws. I'd guess I'm the only person on ET who's had the dubious distinction of having a 100k trading month and having to take a MW job, in the same year.

    Reflective folk know that the diff between success and failure can be a series of low probability dice rolls or that 1 out of 20 river card being dealt. I remember a Springsteen interview on Sixty Minutes where he opined that America rewards winners but not everyone can win. Who looks out for the losers? A just society treats work as sacrosanct. Toil is a gift to God. (Society)

    In my view, state and local governments have the best grasp on cost of living and employment opportunities in a given geographic area. Those enamored with Federal solutions will argue that if Massachusetts has a higher wage than New Hampshire then Mass employers will be at a disadvantage to their neighbors to the north. Perhaps. By the same token jobs can flee to Ecuador or India as well. But to mandate wage equality between Manhattan and Fresno is just plain silly.....
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  8. "Empty symbolism is pointless."


    Speaking of empty symbolism, here are but a few examples...

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  9. symbolism is empty by definition :p
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    Statements like that are why you've been a great asset to this site.......
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