Thanks Nazi's, ,,er...I mean Republicans

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  1. Pabst


    I don't see Lincoln or FDR mentioned in the post you cited........Moron. Why don't you tell us how the logic behind restricting the 2nd Anmendment is any less intrusive or "fear based" than the collection of ISP's?
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  2. Would you call this the "I've got my panties in a bunch" fallacy?
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  3. "The point is: basic freedoms have been eroding since the advent of the IRS and social security. (war freedoms. Forget about it. They never existed. Read about Lincoln jailing newspaper editors and FDR's internment of the Japs."

    Your IRS, FDR, Lincoln are all part of your strawman fallacy to support what Bush is doing...


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  4. I would call your response "I've got my tongue up Bush's butt" fallacy...

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  5. Personality and a sense of humor. A double threat guy. It must be hard being as uptight as you are. One question. Does your vagina hurt right now?
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    That's not the post you cited in your rebuttal. Stay on topic or wake the fuck up........

    And please whenever (never) you're able to muster an answer, how is Bush collecting ISP's any more anti-Constitutional than the Left banning guns?
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  7. Shows what an imbecile you are... degrading the victims of the greatest natural disaster to strike the US. These people have lived there for generations and have called it their home. Every year we get "evacuation orders". Till now most of them have, fortunately, been false alarms. Also, many people don't have the means to evacuate.

    That moron king georgie and his henchmen including "heckuvajob brownie" were sleeping at the wheels when the levees broke. Don't try to blame the victims to make your boy look good! How inconsiderate and merciless people have become... this poster is a perfect example of that.
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  8. pabst i too can't figure out what he's ranting about half the time :p
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  9. RedDuke


    Come on ZZZZZ, I may disagree with Pabst on few political points, but let's have civilized discussions. And you comment is totally inappropriate.


    My point is that things started looking here in US quite the same as when I was growing up (it was in USSR). You would not believe what kind of propaganda we were subjected to about how evil USA was, and that we need to do everything to defeat their evil ideology.

    Fortunately for me and few of my friends we were able to look and alternate sources of information and were able to draw the comparisions and at least partially see the truth.

    Now all this media hysteria about terrorism sound so familiar, and it seems that anything done in regards to terrorist can be justified.

    I am just a simple person and do not know where the answer is on what to do with terrorist ideology, but putting even more limits on our freedoms is hardly the answer.

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    (Let me clarify, clearly there were blunderous mistake made here on every level of government ...)

    ... funny, what is this an argument for remaining below sea-level during hurricanes?

    ... what are you attempting to prove, people that remain below sea-level during a hurricane should expect to be rescued faster?

    ... just what is it you believe? That during a catastrophe that effects thousands, and thousands of square miles, your best bet is to sit on your hands and wait for the feds to come and save you.

    Now, the funny thing is, that while calling me a moron and imbecile you have bascially proved my point. Although, I was labeling the initial poster, "the type who first blames the feds not the imbeciles ..."

    Clearly you are of the mindset, that people should NOT be Expected to behave in a rational manner, (ie; move above sea-level during a hurricane), when you can simply blame the government for your own failure!

    The sudtle bigotry of low-expectations indeed!

    And to think, this guy probably knows that had ANYONE else been in office, indentical results would have occured. The only difference is, he can politically capitalize on this tragedy. (See: )

    Dude, you're are soooooo worthless.
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