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  1. Bill of Rights?.. Ha....

    "FBI plans new Net-tapping push"

    This is disturbing, I guess the moral of the story is that if you get caught flagrantly breaking the law, then just change it so you can continue to do it...

    Here's the main summary of the article...

    The FBI has drafted sweeping legislation that would require Internet service providers to create wiretapping hubs for police surveillance and force makers of networking gear to build in backdoors for eavesdropping, CNET has learned.

    And here's the summary of what the bill will do....

    • Require any manufacturer of "routing" and "addressing" hardware to offer upgrades or other "modifications" that are needed to support Internet wiretapping. Current law does require that of telephone switch manufacturers--but not makers of routers and network address translation hardware like Cisco Systems and 2Wire.

    • Authorize the expansion of wiretapping requirements to "commercial" Internet services including instant messaging if the FCC deems it to be in the "public interest." That would likely sweep in services such as in-game chats offered by Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming system as well.

    • Force Internet service providers to sift through their customers' communications to identify, for instance, only VoIP calls. (The language requires companies to adhere to "processing or filtering methods or procedures applied by a law enforcement agency.") That means police could simply ask broadband providers like AT&T, Comcast or Verizon for wiretap info--instead of having to figure out what VoIP service was being used.

    • Eliminate the current legal requirement saying the Justice Department must publish a public "notice of the actual number of communications interceptions" every year. That notice currently also must disclose the "maximum capacity" required to accommodate all of the legally authorized taps that government agencies will "conduct and use simultaneously."

    "BUSH/CHENEY 04" !! you guys rock!!
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    Who cares? I mean it.

    For almost a century the IRS has had the right to freeze bank accounts, seize assets, imprison people, go through your stuff without notice or warrant. Does the left care? Of course not. Why? Because to liberals we only exist as revenue producers for the State.

    So I have to laugh; Bush is an asshole for trying to intercept terrorists but the lib's are freedom loving progressives who hold a gun to your head for half your income.......
  3. Conservatives should understand Liberals anxieties over wire tapping considering the behavior of J. Edgar and Tricky Dick. Now, with the record of Bush/Cheney, their lies and smear campaigns, can you not understand why we would be apprehensive? Shit with a bunch of limp dicked conservatives running around a man can't even get a blowjob without worrying about being taped and have it used against him.
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    Try to refrain from allowing those young boys to go down on you.....
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    Good question.

    Type of guy that blames Bush for not saving the Katrina victims faster ... completely ignoring the fact the imbeciles choose to remain below sea-level during a cat 4 hurricane.

    I really don't give a shit if the feds are tracking the traffic of www.KillTheInfidels.comm

    Or tracking the accounts in the Bank of Death To America...

    Or data-mining the chain of phone numbers linking back to 1-800-WIPE-THE-GREAT-SATAN-OFF-THE-MAP

    I really don't give a shit ...

    The mind control in the way of political correctness is far more worrisome ... To disagree with anything considered "progressive" immediately renders you a Nazi, Bigot, Racist ...

    Ask Larry Summers about that ...
  6. Bush is turning the US in to a communist state and the people are just letting it happen because they scare them with terrorism. How come we are the only country that does this shit? I don't think Britian is tapping their ISP's for information. Its just so outrageous the the free world is becoming less free everyday because of Bush.

    The practice of communism IS fascism, because power will always be concentrated in the hands of the elite, and communism is the best way to disenfranchise the people from property and money, while the rich retain it for themselves.

    Socialism is the prerequisite for communism. After enough "socialist reforms" have been enacted, communism is what follows. The only difference between Russia and the USA is the amount of time it takes for totalitarian dictatorship to envelope the people.
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    I’m so sick of this… Do some reading on our government infrastructure and balance of powers and you’ll understand how limited his executive powers are and how little Bush can do within his term limits to actually change government anywhere near what you are saying. He’s history in 2 lousy years.

    Bush has never abused his executive power so you must have an issue with the concept of an Executive Branch. If a lot of people are using new technologies to plot against us (as they are doing now) to the point it becomes a real threat, the president will use his executive powers to respond in a timely manner. When times are peaceful again; when people in the world realize that fking with America is too costly, the pendulum will swing back, as all the things Bush has set in place will be challenged and eventually reversed by the other powers in government. And we’ll return to another Clinton Era and make ourselves defenseless once again so new threats can flourish, and make a succeeding president once again use his executive powers to protect the nation again.
  8. What isn't history is all the personal data that was collected in the name of "national security" nor the precedent Bush has set.

    Secondly, it has not been established if Bush abused his power or not, as it has not gone to a court to determine that.

    Constitutional scholars are mixed in their opinions.


  9. Terrorists & child molesters... yeah, right!

    At least 90% of this unconstitutional new surveillance will be exclusively dedicated to prohibition enforcement. Count on it. You guys should know this by now.
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    And political opponents.

    The point is that I would not care if someone listened my conversation, I have nothing to hide so it does not matter.

    The issue is that it is just a beginning. Things like this start as something very minor and they will snow ball if they are not stopped.

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