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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Trader5287, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. Tonight is my first night applying what I learned from the tutorials which were excellent. I'm the jerk that tried to buy 100 CMGI at a bunch of different prices, and shorted 10 shares of NVDA at some silly price and cancelled everything after a bit.

    So this is what I saw. The orders were displayed one second later, or less, on Island. The orders were placed on a horrifically corroded phone line running either 4,000' or 800' through woods, in a snow storm, on an island off the coast of northern Maine, then running miles to where our data goes off. The computer connects at 31 or 21 or doesn't, who knows.

    Now I understand that some or all of these feeds that I will need will never run on 24k. 24k! But I've been suspended on account of PDT by Mr. Stock and Peter Fidelity. Have 7 Dateks, a Suretrade/Fleet (short Fleet always) and the rest.

    So anyway, for all of you CMGI and NVDA traders, that was me fooling with your markets in after hours - and I was moving them - no doubt whatever.
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    I'm in northern maine, and i have to tell you, we don't have any islands here. :D