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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. I just wanted to thank everyone (and I mean everyone!) for all the nice words of support. I went in for an "angio" and thought I might get a "balloon" or a "stint" (simple procedure)...but was taken aback to find out that they want to schedule open heart surgery to replace an entire heart valve. I will try to schedule this procedure in a couple of weeks.

    I'll know more when I meet with the heart specialist next week.

    So, I'm still here....

    Thanks everyone!!

  2. i hear they now let you pick out the pig (heart valve) :-D

    (just kidding, hope that wasn't too crass??)

    seriously hope everything works out very well for you. surgery of that type has advanced quite a bit. they make a lot of that stuff look easy nowdays.

    wish you well.
  3. I was thinking that there must be a baboon somewhere with an "organ donor" wristband with my name on it....

  4. Don-
    Get well soon!
    My Dad had a stent put in about 10yrs ago and he's doing great!

  5. with over 1,093 posts, you've gone from 0-60 in under 60 seconds.

    you'll be needing your rest, emotional and mental rest, and this will give all us other average-performing traders a chance to continue to conspire, trade, foment at the mouth, and curse the markets. Who know, perhaps, by your return, you'll see more of us talking, waxing and waining over "that woman of our dreams", just like HITMAN does.

    I still think that he's talking abstractly about the markets, as being his woman, who doesn't return his infactuation.

    Anyways, ATB Don (all the best)....

    somewheres in this comment was good natured humor... search hard, I'm sure you'll find it...
  6. nkhoi


    get JNJ stent, 100% successful rate.
  7. trdrmac


    Huh go figure, I never would've traded grammy's dentures for my 19" flatscreen if I knew that.

    Take good care and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  8. Motas


    You will come out of it just fine.

    Wish you all the best

  9. Thanks for the posts and I look forward to the new ones when you come back. Best wishes and see you soon.
  10. Best of luck for the operation, Don... we may have had our quarrels in the past, but I am sure that I speak for everyone on these boards when I say that at times like this we all wish you the very best of recoveries from your forthcoming surgery....
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