Thanks For The Old Forum

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by tracer619, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. I almost gave up on Elitetrader when you changed things recently.

    I thought some of my threads were deleted, I could not find them. Thank you things are back to normal dont ever change.

  2. You can't improve on perfection. Seriously
    Regards to Baron.
  3. I don't have many posts, so my opinion does not matter much. I saw the new forum, tried to work with it... got thoroughly disgusted and decided to quit reading...

    I accidentally hit the ET icon on my Chrome today, and man was I surprised and happy!! Back to the way this forum should be. Never lose those new posts next to the forum titles.

    Seriously, that made all the difference for me. It takes a big man to admit a mistake of this magnitude and roll it all back.

    Thanks baron!
  4. +1

    So so happy
  5. I'm a fan for 12 yrs.
    Thanks for good old layout :D
  6. zdreg


    i hope that ego will allow the old forum to remain. if not get rid of the chintzy avatar feature in new version.
  7. Daal


    Old forum is the best
  8. rickf


    Old style is perfect ... fast, easy to read, functional.

    Was VERY happy to see its return when I accidentally clicked through after pretty much writing off the site following the change. IMHO the other version reminded me of AOL circa mid-90s. :(
  9. himself


    Very true.
  10. hughb


    Thanks! I've been avoiding the forum lately, it was a pleasant surprise to see it returned.
    #10     Mar 1, 2013