Thanks Fed for the $124.00 oil

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  1. Bunch of dumb ass crooks.
  2. balda


    This is not up to Fed
    $ was 1.6 and oil 95-100
    today $ 1.54 oil 124

    other countries oil consumption went up.
    simple supply/demand.
    How many people do you know that stop filling up their SUVs because gas is $4.00?

    demand goes up every day.
  3. Dumb fed.
  4. There is a 3.74% spread bewteen the fed funds rate and a 30 year mortage.

    There is a 1.87% spread bewteen the 10 year and the fed funds rate.

    The banks are reaping the benifits not the consumer.
  5. Yrutman


    IM so tired of reading about China and India supply and demand, to me thats the typical boomberg/CNBC dumb ass answer. For all you who keep citing demand do any of you realize that we have a glut of oil around the world? Do any of you realize that the supply numbers show we have actually more supply than we did five years ago? So the demand has not put a strain on products at all there is plenty of oil and spare crude on top of that. So enough with the bloomberg answers!!!!!
  6. Yrutman


    Just a bubble that will burst eventually just like when Amazon was 400.00 a share, I remember analysts coming out on television defending that price with straight faces and fancy suits, this is no different people. Just play the game.
  7. Of course they are. That's exactly what the Fed was going for.
  8. Exactly. Banks and Fed are hand in hand.
  9. Not dumb. Greedy. CRIMINALLY GREEDY!

    There's a FIRESTORM of financial trouble on the horizon. The US Gummint and Federal Reserve are nearly 100% responsible for it. :mad:
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