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    Real Money

    I finally figured out what Des has been trying to teach us. This guy is a genius. I said something that made him block/ignore my ET username so I will just have to quote him indirectly. If you guys could comment and thank him for me I would appreciate it.
    (this is what I think it means)

    Use the VIX basis spread and VIX vol (and vol forward spreads).
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    Pretty sure he's got everyone on ignore so good luck with that LOL
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  3. If a trader was smart enough to catch his comments last week you would have sold into the crazy opening yesterday. Dest is awesome, no doubt about that!
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    You're welcome.

    I'd add that if you are trading vol, and isolating your (gamma) delta in your PNL, begin to scale out of any position if your gains exceed 2x your daily theta.
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    My oldest system (# of stonks on the day that closed < open) got me short at yesterday's close, but most of today's gains were in long downside straddles in AMZN.
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    6C0411DC-2D9F-454F-AC31-7976F464A975.png 9C7E1220-2AAE-47D1-803D-D86F22454385.png Thanks desperado for telling me to short in front of the freight train at 3421

    Go bro go
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  7. Thank's for the warning, saved me some good money selling in to that gap!
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  8. You said he deleted some posts with bad calls, but you kept the screenshots, does he gets the mods to delete his bad calls after the 1hour editing window?

    I remember he once made a bad short call and then the mods very conveniently closed the thread.
  9. His warning helped me see yesterday's mark-up was insane so there was never no "Shorting in front of a freight train".
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    I've no interest.
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