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    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California Gov.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Tuesday he would veto a bill that would create a government-run health care system for the most populous U.S. state.

    The widely expected veto, as Schwarzenegger seeks re-election in November, marks one of the Republican governor's sharpest breaks with the state's Democratic-led legislature this year.

    Schwarzenegger commended the Democratic lawmaker who advanced the health-care bill, but said California could not afford a state-run health system.

    An immigrant from Austria, Schwarzenegger had previously signaled his opposition to the bill because he believes state-run health systems in Europe work against consumers.

    The bill by state Sen. Sheila Kuehl would create a state-managed health insurance program open to all Californians and bar private health insurance plans from selling services offered by the new program.

    "Socialized medicine is not the solution to our state's health care problems," Schwarzenegger said in a statement.

    "This bill would require an extraordinary redirection of public and private funding by creating a vast new bureaucracy to take over health insurance and medical care for Californians -- a serious and expensive mistake."

    "Such a program would cost the state billions and lead to significant new taxes on individuals and businesses, without solving the critical issue of affordability," he said. "I won't jeopardize the economy of our state for such a purpose."

    Schwarzenegger said he is concerned about rising health-care costs and that if re-elected would work with lawmakers to create programs to contain medical expenses.

    Kuehl issued a statement sharply criticizing Schwarzenegger for claiming her bill would have limited consumer choice and said he is in the service of insurance companies, a perennial Democratic charge in California's legislature against Republicans.

    In recent weeks he has worked with Democrats on a number of bills to bridge the state's partisan divide and limit political bickering during his re-election campaign. These measures include legislation to raise the state's minimum wage, require industry to lower greenhouse gas emissions and create a state prescription drug program for the uninsured.

    Let them all die...

  2. Yes!! Thank you Arnold for vetoing another stupid buy-voters-bill (from democrats) that would have bankrupted the state of CA even more than it is, would have ruined the current health care system, and made California an even larger doormat for the rest of the world than it already is.

    As for your comment "let them all die ..." AS if that will be the result of the veto (LOL) We here is California have a decent health system, and for those of us who have health insurance, though it is expensive, you must understand that, thanks probably to people such as yourself, we already must pay for all of those who won't pay their hospital bills, and that includes all of the illegal aliens here, all of them, even though we voted against it in Prop 209.
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    Eqt Trdr has been living in California for what, two weeks? (I saw your posts on another web site asking about SD)

    So in those two weeks as a Californian he ALREADY expects socialized health care. What a country!
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    Ahhll beh bahk...

  5. Am in NYC for 2 months... didn't hit Cali yet :)

    and yes I do think Socialized Medicine is a good thing no matter what state.