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    Someone pointed out that I had not responded to posts offering support for my wife and I, ungratefully. Well, I am grateful, but when I came back I started on the last page of the top threads, so I have not seen your comments.

    But, thank you to all who made them. The wife is ok, no serious injury. She's bruised and shook up only. The car, sadly another new one, is totaled. But hey, her attitude is that I'm "made of money", so she'll "soon please" have a replacement. Sigh.
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    Tsing Tao

    Glad she's ok.

    It sounds as though you have one hell of an auto insurance premium that you pay.
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    That's good. Thanks for starting this thread.
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    I'm not sure she's ok. Third accident in two years. We're blaming bad tires for the first two, but I'm starting to get concerned. And yeah, her part of our premiums has more than doubled. It would decline rather rapidly if she'd just "let it". : )
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    I embellish some, she's actually pretty shook up about it.
  8. Glad to hear your wife is okay... but perhaps these aren't just "accidents."

    My neighbor's wife got into a series of accidents, and after the third one they started looking into medical causes. They went to a local university hospital for a complete neurological workup. Turned out she had a form of narcolepsy[sp?] that caused very brief (a few seconds) blackouts. She was completely unaware of the problem until tests revealed it.

    It's good news that your wife's okay, but make sure there isn't some underlying problem that you're unaware of.
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    Right! Hmmm.

    Were the brake lines cut? Maybe the one making the money in the household is tired of paying high premiums or worse. After all, he is an immoral communist. :D

    And who would let their wife drive a car with bad tires leading to the 1st two accidents?

    Something is fishy here. The term 'accident' seems a little too convenient to me.
  10. I actually figured it wasn't serious physically by your casual mentioning of it.

    I still think it's really sad that you are voluntarily getting ripped off by buying car insurance.

    If your wife can't drive safely maybe you should quit being selfish and be a bit more considerate of public safety.

    I mean dipshit leftist's like yourself advocate banning guns for a ridiculously lower incident rate.

    PS: Sucks pretty bad when your values that you spout everyday get reflected back to you and aren't rhetorical anymore eh?
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