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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by BlueHorseshoe, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. I have a sell limit order in place on the YM at 10598 for multiple contracts. (This is my profit-taking point this week ...)

    How is it that I got an execution about 30 minutes ago on 1 contract ... but the market is currently at 10522?? I don't have overnight charts for the YM so not sure how to check that there was a spike and my price hit. That is a bit hard to believe anyway ...

    Otherwise , I should be able to get time/sales at CBOT website tomorrow no?

    I would ask my broker but ... I'm concerned they would say the execution is an error and take it from me, so I ask here.

    Alternately, should I expect to get a call from someone saying it is an error trade and is being scratched??

    Thanks in advance.
  2. i see 1 contract for 10598 at 22:22:36. its out of range but doubt they bust a trade at this hour. i would just hold my breath till morning and hope for the best.
  3. Thanks Vhehn. That be me. Odd that I have multiple contracts for sale so far away from the market and only one executed ...

    Now that you know where they are, Please Run My Stops! :)
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    1 contract look correct
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  5. Vhehn, nkhoi - thank you both very much.

    Very very weird market action ... And that I would get one contract at the high should be a good omen for RTH Thursday no? :p
  6. any idea if
    the no bust zone is really 150 points in YM vs ZD ?

    sheesh ... some lucky SOB's and some unlucky SOB's

    tonight due to fat finger in ZD ??

    YM trades 48 points over ZD

    meanwhile the SP / ES , ND / NQ did not budge !

    I was lucky ... was short 1 ES and it did not move
    was able to make a tick

    also lucky ... was short 1 YM and my heart stopped beating
    for a second when I saw the fat finger zipper
    but I waited patiently as I saw ES and NQ not moving
    neither was SP + ND nor bonds / notes moving
    so I covered my YM short for 2 ticks
  7. is less than 50 points or if the ECBOT determines that

    the YM / ZD trades were in error and if someone complains

    quickly ... then they might bust trades ... else in my opinion

    someone is crying in his beer and someon else is drinking

    champagne :p
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    this news should make it into Tampa daily skirt :p

    my pet theory is price will eventually follow the weird spike direction, good luck.
  9. Seth on that YM short you made 2 ticks on 1 contract. Is that 10 bucks minus 5 bucks for commision for a net of 5 bucks? Nice Job!
  10. IB lowered commissions ... so I made almost 6 big ones :D
    #10     Jan 8, 2004