Thank you United States Of America

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  1. The United States has accepted 7000 Palestinian families from Iraq after all of the surrounding Arab states refused to do so.

    Thank you United States of America for saving these desperate families who were stranded on Iraq/ Syria and Iraq/ Jordan borders and shame on all of the shameless Arabs.
  2. I just fell off my chair.
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    yeah really...isnt this the guy who bashes Americans on every other thread....
  4. he got the shameless arabs part right
  5. I bash American policies ElCubano, not the US itself. But when the US does a kind act, it should be thanked for.

    What is right is right.
  6. You are here just to score points? No wonder you Neocons are hated everwhere you look. You might as well add yourself to the "Shamless".
  7. The repugniklans are shameless, not "shamless."

    They are overflowing with sham....

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    Walter Williams is too cool. He won't run for office because he knows that both parties despise the constitution.

    Talk about shams, I just have been reading about this "order out of chaos" thing that the secret societies do...... I'm getting paranoiac...I thought this went away after the drugs... :)
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    Fortunately my desk drawer was open and my chin caught it on the way down, or I would have to.


    I'm not sure he's ever composed a single sentence I could wholly agree with. BUT
    despite differences of opinion when someone is big enough to stand up and give credit where credit is due, I gotta do the same.

    Kudos WAEL012000.
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