Thank you to all who helped me!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by UK2004, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. UK2004


    I have finally managed to land myself a job as an assistant trader in the City of London. I am being taken on for a one month trial period after which I will either get a full time offer or a ding.

    I want to thank those that helped me along the way including candletrader, oneway, predictor, qwiktrade, wrj72 and last but not least Don Bright!

    Thank you to all of you and hopefully my internship shall be successful.
  2. BruceF


    Congratulations and Good Luck :)
  3. I commend you for being so positive after the teasing you took. A sense of humour will help you keep your sanity as a trader.

    Best wishes.
  4. The best note I've seen on the board....and if you really want to thank me...just do your best, learn all you can, and plan your future with a focus on working with (rather than for) others......have fun...and the money will come in due time!!

  5. UK2004


    By the way Don, when I was talking about well paid forex dealers, I hope you never misinterpreted me as meaning market-makers as I never want to be a market-maker, you have little leeway to do as you want with a view of the market.

    I feel there may be an opportunity on the proprietary foreign exchange desk at the bank I am interning at even though I am 17 will be 18 obviously by summer. The prop traders trade spot, forwards and occasionally options. They take positions of between 100-500 million dollars once fully qualified. A yard for the real big boys on the desk. Does this sound good to you? If I cna get myself on to that desk as an asistant trader at 18 I will have dne ok for myself and you can't deny that proprietary foreign exchange dealers at the major players are making good money.

    Anyone's comments will be appreciated here, thank you.
  6. Once again...check to see if they are making money for themselves or for their firms. The amount of money in the market can sound huge, but the incremental profits may not be.

    Keep up the good work..find out what you like doing in the business...the money will come!!