Thank you tea party

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  1. With tea party express victory in DE, democrats will surely keep Joe Biden's seat and keep the majority in the Senate.

    Good job tea party, republican establishment hates you more than the democrats.

    Christine O'Donnell has no chance of winning the senate seat.
  2. Not so fast, don't you think this kind of underestimation of the Tea Party is what gave ODonnell that win?

    Delaware is one of the bluest of blue states, but something is going on that might be unique in our era. The "masses" might just be waking up.
  3. Indeed and it has the entire Washington establishment shaking!
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    Both parties are in trouble with the electorate. Even Rahm Emanuel sees the handwriting on the wall.
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    52 Dems to 48 Repubs is not much of a victory considering where we currently sit. Look at the "damage" only 41 in the opposition can cause. Plus if the House turns, nothing gets done anyway.

    Thing(s) to look at going out is the health of some sitting Senators, like Lautenberg in NJ with a Repub Governor - he's just had a full cycle of chemo this past spring, and even if you crow that you're cancer free, you really aren't. With the expected change of governorships to Red States this fall, it's not just Jersey to keep an eye on.
  6. granted tea party has a lot of momentum among the republican voters, but tea party is not ready for prime time. not on the national level.

    tea party seems to have the same grass roots momentum that Ralph Nadar once did or Ross Perot. but as you know they both lost.
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    And lets not forget redistricting :D :D
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    redistricting doesn't affect Senator-ship
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    Watching the Repubs try and stuff the teabagger genie back in the bottle is going to be fun.
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