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    mytrack has a special offer for QuoteTracker users: subscribe to one of their datafeed plans at a regular price, and get an SDK subscription for only $25/mo more. What if one does not need the SDK? One must still subscribe but, thank heaven, is not required to do any SDK programming.

    "Please be advise that quotetracker requires the SDK feature for our data feed. This should not require you or any quotraker client to do any programming. Please disregard the previous email regarding the SDK feature. Yes, the SDK feature is $25 a/mo, however you do not have to deal with any programming interface."

  2. This applies to Amibroker and SierraChart as well, QT is no exception.
  3. I'm not sure how that is a special offer. The SDK is always $25/mo IIRC.
  4. dis


    Why the #$%^ do they market an SDK to non-programmers?
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    Misc fees are too many and too expensive. It's not only confusing but also frightening.

  6. They are still cheaper than many others, although I agree that this SDK fee can piss you off.
  7. The fee is for anyone who wants to use an app based on the SDK.
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    This might be useful if I knew what an SDK is :D
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  10. Is there any s/w allowing to chart real time MyTrack data with Metastock?

    Any other charting s/w compatible with MyTrack data?

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