Thank You, Mr. President. You Held Back the Worst

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  1. It's worth pausing for a moment to show gratitude to Barack Obama for his decent moral character. Under the most trying conditions he has held the tide against disheartening reactionary opposition. It took character to do that without descending to the level of right-wing ideologues, for whom no tactic is too low.

    When the Republicans became the party of no in the weeks after Obama's inauguration - placing their hatred of him above doing good for the country - and later when they caved in to Tea Party
    fanatics during the debt-ceiling crisis, they lost the right to be a governing party. That was the opinion of David Brooks in the New York Times. Apparently they've regained that right. When Mitt Romney stated in the debates that as Massachusetts governor he worked with both parties to get things done, he lost the right to be a credible presidential candidate. Fareed Zakaria pointed out last Sunday on his CNN program that Romney in fact vetoed 800 bills passed by the Democratic state legislature and left office with a 34% approval rating.
    The notion is afoot that "extremists" control both political parties. That, too, is a lie unless believing in global warming, developing alternative energy, and being a steward of the environment is extremism. For three decades the right has cobbled together a coalition of fringe splinter groups, each unsavory on its own. Together, they took us through the looking glass, turning moral values on their head - to vilify moderates is now a sign that you are a good person. To destroy Iraq indicates your patriotism. To pander to intolerant religious groups and pass racist voter ID laws indicates how politically intelligent you are.
    My heartfelt thanks goes out to the President for holding all of it back.
  2. While many times I thought Obama should have fought fire with fire and been far more aggressive against republicans I'm satisfied with his accomplishments as President

    Thank You Mr. President
  3. Good post.
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    Thank you Obama for doubling the price of gasoline in less than 4 years.

    Thank you Obama for destroying the US's AAA credit rating.

    Thank you Obama for overseeing countless job losses due to you inept policies.

    Thank you Obama for attacking small business and discrediting their success.

    Thank you Obama for not helping our diplomats overseas.

    Thank you Obama for helping to topple a friendly middle eastern government so the Islamic Brotherhood could be installed.

    Thank you Obama for leaking classified material as a means towards political gain.

    Thank you Obama for letting a top secret drone be caught by Iran.

    Thank you Obama for doing nothing to stop Iran's nuclear program.

    Thank you Obama for ramming through a healthcare law that received 0 republican support.

    Thank you Obama for making jokes at the expense of the handicapped.

    Thank you Obama for making jokes at the expense of Mexicans.

    Thank you Obama for accusing the Polish people of running concentration camps.

    Thank you Obama for being racist and calling the Cambridge Police stupid.

    Thank you Obama for being racist and saying if you had a son he would look like Travon Martin.

    Thank you Obama for having a party where you were so incompetent that you could not manage a guest list.

    Thank you Obama for sending your wife out there to criticize others for not being healthy while you, yourself are a smoker.

    Thank you Obama for hanging out with self proclaimed 'Pimps'.

    Thank you Obama for dividing the country.

    Thank you Obama for attacking the very debt commission that you created.

    Thank you Obama for attacking Nancy Reagan at press conferences.

    I could go on and on. Obama is a big loser. He is angry, bitter and jealous of the achievements of others
  6. If Obama is good enough for Ahmadinejad, then he should be good enough for the rest of us.
  7. holy FUCK!! are these people retarded. lemmings, u realize his ENTIRE campaign strategy has been to demonize Mittens.. the whole entire fucking strategy.
  8. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, et al, they all had their supporters. We should not be surprised Obama has his.
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    When i first read the thread title i thought this was going to be an article from the onion news network..... :D
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    Who's head will explode first when Romney wins

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