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  1. Instead of pressing sell, to close out a position of 2400 shares $1 above market, I accidentally pressed buy. It was after market, and had the order gone through I would have thrown away about $1k I believe. Instead, there was a popup that asked me if I really want to submit that order.
    I have brought up issue before with IB, but credit must be given when do; I do appreciate this.
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    keep in mind the settings that control the pop up are configurable by number of ticks, size and %. (look under configuration/order defaults)
  3. Indeed, thank you IB. This obviously incompetent individual who cannot even distinguish between the buy and sell order features will be around another day to provide liquidity in the marketplace.
  4. With all due respect jackbyrd, you wouldn't want your personal top 3 mistakes to be pubic knowledge, would ya?
  5. LOL ... and they didn't even have anything to do with trading.
  6. welcome to the jungle.........we eat our own on this board:)
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    Actually we drain a pint of blood every 3 days. Why kill em' off when you can suck their blood for years when done correctly.
  8. Perhaps you have now revealed the biggest trading secret for the incompetent, i.e. making every buy a sell, and every sell a buy, assuming they would otherwise make the wrong trading decisions 70% of the time. :D
    Actually, they also lose money for other reasons.
  9. Thank you for adding this.