thank you IB

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  1. ... for keeping TWS running nice and smooth during today's fiasco in GOOG. It is appreciated!

    We hear a lot of complaining on ET about IB over the past several years (including from moi) about how TWS/IB has this probelmo or that problem, etc...

    ... but not that many of us compliment them when they do the job!

    But I got great fills on my short GOOG calls today, and was able to roll in and out without any glitches so far. And that's not easy given the pace of the descent! Can't recall anything quite similar since Spring of 2000.

    So I say:

    "bravo IB - well done so far today!"

  2. Choad


    I wasn't trading GOOG, but I appreciate IB more and more every day.

    The low cost is the big thing, of course. I trade the heck out of stocks and options, and IB saves me a fortune.

    Now I'm looking at trading a lot of different futures and Forex products.

    And...I don't have to do anything but CLICK!!!

    Commish, Markets, Technology, Responsiveness (by the IB guys here) - IB has it all IMO!

    Good trading. :cool:
  3. McCloud


    Been with IB for many many years without any problems... probably the most advanced and most sophisticated trading software in existence imo!

    light years ahead of all the rest....
  4. yup...

    IB rocks!!!

    The best thats out there imo
  5. anyone here using a MAC to trade with IB?
    I was using an PIII laptop but it broke down
    and have been using a IMAC

    I guess I will upgrade later this yr
    but am curious what you think
    PC or MAC ? ( for use with IB )

  6. BSAM


    Moderators please delete this thread as only IB bashing threads are allowed on ET.:D

    (IB keep up the good work!)
  7. Yeah this is a pleasant suprise. Five years, no complaints.
  8. kjsnow25


    I pay commissions to a broker, and I complement them when it DOES NOT blow up. Wow. Thems' some lowwwwww standards.

    This is a scary thread. Really.
  9. I am also interested in whether trading with a Mac is viable now that prices are coming down a bit.
    #10     Feb 28, 2006