Thank you Failed Trader....

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by jplazard, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. The post below comes after reading Lucias's journal.
    Please visit the Journal and thank your fellow trader.

    My response to the thread.

    First let me say Thank you. And to the others out here who have followed the OP you need to thank him. Because this is where you were when you had that first big win or winning streak and you thought you were up there with Soros, Schwartz, PTJ, and the other Acolytes. Then that first loss came and you thought blip on a big screen no worries I’m still great. The second loss came and you said Im still up on my account and the big traders loose all the time I rationalize with its part of the game it’s not me. Then came that big one... That either cut your account in half or wiped you completely. You came to the decision that you were not as smart as you thought you were in fact if dumb luck ever grave several chances you were the key recipient to get them.

    Unfortunately though the original poster has not even crossed the first loss mentality.
    I guess that’s why I ventured into this post. I came here and maybe some others came to the journals section to see new/old traders get better through screen time and also see the ones who don’t get it and continue on the same path. For the ones who I have followed and have shown improvement I have all the admiration for you and wish you the best of luck. But for the ones who continue to loose, refuse to learn, and hold such delusions as the OP I am even happier that I’ve found you. I am happy because when I look at the OP I am grateful for how far I have come as a trader. I thought I had the biggest swinging dick and that my market predicting abilities were the best in the world as the OP aptly put it. But then I reached a threshold point in trading that I believe everyone has where you say to yourself “Enough with the bullshit If your so smart why are you not wealthy, If your so smart why is it you are trading the same contract size year after year, and if your so smart why when people ask you how do you make money trading you always spout bullshit just to sound intelligent.” Maybe these questions were different for others when you got real with yourself but I am glad that I asked them. Since I cut the bullshit and got rid of the ego and went to the drawing board I have been making more money that I ever dreamed was possible for 9 years in a row. And when people ask me now what it is I do I proudly tell them I trade the Australian Dollar using price action and correlation to the dollar Simple as that.

    So to the OP who might be a sociopath I thank you and maybe a couple others on here thank you. When I look at you and your ramblings of 2+2=6 8 10 Pie I am proud to say that I will never be at your level again because I continually put in the time and self improvement needed to be a better trader for the next days session.

    P.S. - you can keep your predictions, Legacy, Service, Immortality ect ect.. I’ll keep the money. Thanks ;)