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    It's most common to see people complain about this or that feature of ET and or it's members. While there are things that are not perfect here, over the last year or so I have found out that the majority of people here are genuine and caring human beings. I have gotten literally hundreds of emails and PM's from people who I never knew before wishing me well on my "Cancer Tour". I'm healing up very well phyisically from the breast removal surgery (although psychologically I'm just crushed to have only recently found out I had my very own boobs all this time and then lose them so quickly after that discovery) and am feeling better. The doctor's have said that they think I will be fine after this surgery and possibly, but not definatly, one more round of treatments. There finally is real light at the end of the tunnel, and it's very close and we know for sure its not a train. They say that recovery, even after your medically given the "all clear" still takes several months, but I expect/hope to be back near 100% by the end of the summer, and the doctors seem to not think I'm crazy holding onto that idea. So, I just wanted to give everyone who has shown me that they do care an update, and to again say Thank you to the many of who expressed their best wishes for me and kept me in their prayers. You are all a truely great group.

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    Thanks for sharing and good luck to you.
  3. We wish you and your family all the best Brandon.
  4. Wishing you & family health and happiness.
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    May God Bless you and your family.

    All this time I thought you were a man am I correct to assume with breast cancer you are female?

    I ask because it's rare for men to get that cancer.
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    Very rare, but I pulled it off. I'm definatly a man.
  7. That must have been quite an ordeal. I'm glad it all went according to plan, as I'm sure everyone else is here at ET, and we look forward to your complete and speedy recovery.
  8. Brandon,

    I have had serious health problems before, believe me, you don't realize how important your health is on your overall quality of life until..

    You will agree, Brandon, I am sure and to others take care of your health (eat healthy, do some work-out,some sex too,etc..)

    Let us know when you have recovered fully, best to you.
  9. Brandon,

    Great to hear the news. Keep us posted.

    Keep your chin up.
  10. Breast cancer! Now that is Karma for being a Trading Room Vendor in a previous life. :D

    Just kidding. Glad to here that you are recovering and I wish you all the best.
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