Thank You Dubai

Discussion in 'Forex' started by cstfx, Nov 26, 2009.

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    Thanks to the effects of Dubai debt default, we've had a nice run to safety in the US Dollar today. Anyone who did not take the day off had a chance to step on and ride the crest of this move. Hey, every little bit helps. Thanks you for thin markets.

    Now they've set it up for a dollar selloff tonite/tomorrow (unless this Dubai debt issue is greater than reported) as the US comes back online and does it's usual "stock market up on Black Friday" routine.
  2. AyeYo



    AUD/USD = $$$$ today

    Undecided whether I'll attempt to ride it back up for tomorrow.
  3. You see that spike in the yen? Hit 84.80! Guess they ran to the yen as well as the dollar.
  4. cstfx


    Dubai still a problem. Opened new shorts on Aussie (.9010) and Euro (1.4935). Think we still get softer before NY open.
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    Fast market - put in TP @8940 and 1.4830. Seeing as it breached these levels already, think it will try again when London opens. Put SL @ 8980 and 1.4870 to protect if reverses. Trades are futures not spot.

    Once again, thank you Dubai. That's what I am thankful for today.
  6. Bulls trying to turn this one hard, Dow futures already +130 off the low, ZN gave up the overnight. I imagine the powers that be don't want a Dow -300 opening to affect Black Friday shoppers' morale..
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    Resistance is futile. This bitch burns today or never. :D
  8. Somehow I don't think anyone in Walmart's aisles cares about DOW Futures...
  9. dubai is too big to fail
  10. I agree. OTH, swine flu is on the back burner, don't want to spoil black Friday.
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