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  1. Electric is posting less and working on the next edge in preperation.

    Our current edge is functioning but your encouragment got Electric back on track. I made a deal with him, I will execute his stuff, if he can prove it.

    He began by digging out all of his old spreadsheets and updating them. The walls are filling up and the rolls of scotch tape are empty.

    The trader is as the straight commission salesman looking for the next sale to make a living. If he does not scream after "new meat" he fades away as a trader. Keep your minds nimble, always keep looking & observing for the "way". Your Lighthouse is the creativity that keeps you on course.
  2. Traders. There are numerous ideas. Find yours and focus. The "candy store of trading" is at the level of your passion and your hearts desire.

    The development stage is when anything is possible. Then comes the reality and the fine tuning.

    If you find something that does not fit and is what!...find what fits you...the profit will come.


    find something
    forward test
    random test
    live test

    You can do it...
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    Very femininely put, but, yes, I salute your sentiment.
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