Thank you Citigroup for making ETFC a cash machine.

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  1. For making ETFC a great swing trade stock. Buy under 3.75 and sell in the Mid 4's (last pop I got out in the mid 5's)
  2. I know no one wants to hear this, but I dont think ETFC's worth $4. Stated this before.

    Really think it's heading back 3's until someone figures out what kind of writedown they'll have.

    Best of luck though.
  3. FAST.AM


    yes etfc has been good to me rode this puppy 3 or 4 times already....
    i expect a big pop within the next 4 months. they WILL be bought out!!!!!!!
    not much downside risk,.....
  4. Not much downside risk?! Are you kidding? They said the same thing about Lucent and Worldcom back in the bubble.
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    traded it twice, missed the drop below $3.50 this week, had a day order the day it was downgraded and never touched it. Should have left the order in.
  6. 4 pts downside risk. It's not going to 0 with all these retail accounts.
  7. Yeah 4 points downside risk. However, it's all percentages. Points mean nothing. If points meant something why not buy some penny stocks. I mean seriously. What kind of comment is that?!

    Downside risk is only 4? Comon. Unless you're looking for a gamble (in which case that's fine), E-Trade is not a full-blown investment here. They're worth far less than $4 with the current write-downs. Expecting upper 2's.
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    ETRADE is not going out of business, its clear the FED is not letting this happen .. So Yes not much downside risk.
    Dont think they will be bought?

    WE ALREADY HAVE 2 SERIOUS CONTENDERS TO BUY ETRADE.. So when you wake one day in the morning ------one day soon and
    say WOW they have been bought.. Just think of me because I have 100,000 shares at 3.60..
    I remember your ALT... I was buying with both hands 2 weeks ago when the market was 12,700 if i remember correctly.... your were crying saying that we r heading to the floor.. depression....
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    BUY my friend buy with both hands..start buying beat up home builders banks etc.. a year from now you would have wished you did.. the market is forward looking 6-12 months out we are just about 2008.. that put expections for this subprime nonsense to be washed out 2009-2010.. if u agree with that time frame THEN NOW IS THE TIME to start building positions.. dont bet the farm all at once BUT build your positions into next year..LETs visit this page 12/10/2009....
  10. $360k worth of Etrade? How much of your capital is that
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