Thank you Bernanke. For laying a Bear Trap.

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  1. For making shorting so easy.

    LEH,BSC. People were so nice to let me borrow yesterday afternoon so I can sell short today.

    I love Bernanke Bear Traps, makes life easy for everyone.
  2. That'd be a bull trap I believe.
  3. Makloda, you dare to question the King of Shorts!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. No see. Bernanke thinks he can catch those bears with his traps, but instead of catching bears, he is catching those poor investors going long instead. Bernanke needs to learn how to Bear hunt properly.

    Bears too smart for Bernanke, he is even running out of ammunition as well for his rifle.

  6. I think most understood what he was trying to say, does it make you feel better to correct him.

    Looks like Landis is rubbing off on you. Why don’t you go find him so yawl can trade cheers for you hero Ben Bernake.
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    I dont think the federal reserve is going to step in next time the markets drop near 52 week lows, panic will set in and drive all indexes to fresh lows.....
  8. Why not? He has done it the last few times.
  9. Someone needs to tell bernanke not to fight the free market, let the free market correct itself. Once this happens and all this junk is flushed out the economy will correct itself.

    I believe in Free Markets, but if Bernanke thinks he can force the market in a direction of his choice he has a lot of learning to do.

    In the mean time, borrow shares on the bernanke rally so you can sell short the next day.
  10. Think about something. Do you think institutions were going to buy today after the move we had yesterday? Let me answer that for you. No they are not. They are scaring the rookies out of their long positions so they can buy their stocks at a better price. It looks like it worked too based on everything I am reading here on ET.
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