Thank you America!!

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  1. As i sit here in my large beautiful home taking a couple days of RR and drinking beer until my liver explodes, I can;t help but want to thank America for all it has given me and my family.

    Thank you to Adams. Madison, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and all the other fore fathers who CAME FROM $$ yet risked it all for their freedom

    Thank you to the men and women who sacrificed their blood sweat and tears so I can reap the benefits of it 200+ years later.

    Thank you to the people who built this industrial giant and land of opportunity.

    Thank you to my late grandparents who came over to the USA in the early 1900's from Sicily...they only wanted the American dream for their family and worked two jobs each to buy their first and only home in Brooklyn in 1941 for 3000.00 ...That home was sold in 1991 for close to 750k..(not a bad investment)

    Thank you to all our armed forces who keep our way of life and freedom secure and stable.

    This is truly the greatest country in the world and if 2nd generation schlep like me can make it and live the american dream anyone can.


    As you drink and party over the long weekend, try to remember how good we have it in comparison to our forefathers and our parents and grandparents......We may not be perfect, we have our differences, we have our weaknesses, but If my Grandparents or John Adams could see m now they would laugh at how uptight we all get considering how good we all have it.

    Happy 4th of July to everyone and celebrate your freedoms
  2. Amen.
  3. As we approach our celebration of Independence, be grateful for a country where people can express their opinions without being called a communist, a traitor, or guilty of treason.

    Oh, and Ann can still suck my schlong and not be a traitor to your party.





    Few Coping Strategies for Exposure to Banshee-like Pundit

    “Mommy, make the scary lady go away.”

    Those are the tearful words of Kaylee Brodkin, 7, of Gary, Indiana, who for the last five days has been awoken in the middle of the night by terrifying nightmares – nightmares featuring television pundit/author Ann Coulter.

    With the ubiquitous Ms. Coulter currently on a national book tour, little Kaylee’s sad story is far from an isolated occurrence.

    “More and more these days, we are seeing small children who have been traumatized by Ann Coulter,” says Dr. Harmon Densmore, chief clinical psychologist at the Chartwell Children’s Institute based at the University of Minnesota.

    While Dr. Densmore urges parents to limit their children’s exposure to the banshee-like pundit, whose intemperate polemics flatten everyone and everything in their path, he acknowledges that keeping children away from Ms. Coulter entirely may be next to impossible.

    “At any given moment in the cable TV universe, Ann Coulter is on the air somewhere,” Dr. Densmore says. “This makes a parent’s job, already hard, even harder.”

    Little Kaylee, who is now working with a counselor to conquer her fear of Ann Coulter, attends role-playing therapy sessions twice a week in which she uses a dragon puppet to bite the head off an Ann Coulter puppet.

    While Kaylee’s mother Diane, 38, says that the therapy has had some success, the bad dreams about Ann Coulter persist, with no end in sight.

    “I’d like to hug Kaylee and tell her that Ann Coulter doesn’t exist, but you can’t lie to your kids,” Ms. Brodkin says. “Children today have to deal with a lot of scary things, and Ann Coulter, unfortunately, is one of them.”

    (Though I'd still jump Ann's fierce and spindly bones in a second if I had the opportunity).
  5. Yes!!! This is one great nation, let's keep it that way!:cool: :cool:
  6. I had never really seen or heard of Ann Koulter before until she was on Hannity and Colmes.....Sounds like she hit a nerve....but that is one cutie......Im hoping that KamarFYe was joking with that news story because that's pretty pathetic if its true....But this is why this country is great...."I may not agree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it"

    Think of some of the public attacks that have been made here on ET about our President?...We take it for granted but in hundreds of countries you would most likely be executed!!...Ya gotten love this country...Just don;t take your liberty for granted.....and I am definitely getting a copy that book if there are pictures of her in it!:D

  7. That's obvious, you can't even spell her name.

    What a joke that appearance was. I still can't believe what inept schleps Colmes and that other guy were. Geez, how SIMPLE it would have been to NAIL Coulter on the absolutely ridiculous charge of 'treason' (I bet AAA was just salivating). Oh well, it's FOX so maybe they're not allowed. (Plus Hannity did his very best to save her ass..)

    PS - happy Fourth.
  8. Yeah, Ann Coulter really irritates me as well... I'd hate to see her with 22 consecutive profitable trades under her belt. :p

    Seriously, though, I've watched her arguing furiously on Crossfire and other places on tv, and I tried to get through her book Slander. I couldn't stomach it. And I'm a hardcore Libertarian, which is pretty close to Republican in a lot of ways. But her book taught me that we're different in a lot as well. Her book was properly named. That's what it was - slander. She filled every page with hate for some non-Republican, she didn't care who. Everybody, really. She really isn't at all balanced in her viewpoint. She's so biased and blind to reality I couldn't take it - and hell, I breezed through Mein Kampf, the Bible, and BOTH of Victor Niederhoffer's books... :cool:. I rarely defend the Democrats or the far left-wingers, but even I could see huge gaping holes in her "arguments". She can't see two sides to any issue, and she refuses to debate things to get to the truth. She'd ignore and leave out facts which would hurt her arguments. And she's apparently a lawyer, you'd think she'd know how to argue and debate intelligently. Instead, she calls people vicious and undeserved names, attacks them personally at every chance without reason. She sees the world through a very opaque and slanted political filter... Hmmm...No wonder she doesn't have 22 consecutive profitable trades under her belt. She'd suck as a trader. She'd probably get on a rant about how Enron and WorldCom are just "good old fashioned American capitalism under attack", and that the demonic liberals are controlling everything from behind the scenes for their own evil ends (the downfall of mankind and the regression of homo sapiens into monkeys), and go long (on margin) despite the news of corporate corruption, because to her, corporate corruption can't exist. "It's just Darwin", she'd say, "and the people who are whining are just the weak and the stupid. Just die already, and take that useless pervert Bill Clinton with you." When her trade fails, she'd blame the Democrats.

    Sorry to be a downer during a celebratory time, but to me, she symbolizes one aspect of what's going wrong with America. I get the feeling that she'd support a police state, death squads, and the nationalizing of gays' and criminals' private property at gunpoint to fund these fascist measures.

    We need to get back to the principles America was founded on, not the "New Reich" principles that are so in vogue. We need to always remember and fight for principles like:



    The American Way (free market, free speech, freedom of religion).

    All men are created equal.

    Innocent until proven guilty.

    Equal opportunity for all to advance.

    Freedom. Independence.

    Peace and prosperity for all.

    I love America with all my heart. America is great. I just hope it stays that way, because both the "extreme left" AND the "extreme right" are attacking the fundamental principles so dear to my heart, the principles America once stood for in the eyes of the world....

    God Bless America - and if you're a Muslim and want to pray for Allah to bless and help America and give her leaders wisdom, we won't turn that blessing down. America can, should, and will accept all the goodwill we can get, no matter the source.
  9. What's with all this Ann bashing? She hitting a little too close to home, is she?

    After decades of having things their own way, the media liberals finally have run into someone who has the balls to take it to them. Left wing shrew Katie Couric learned that lesson the hard way when Ann gave her a public butt kicking one morning last summer. Guess who didn't get invited back to the poison dwarf's show to flack her new book Treason, number 2 on Amazon behind that Potter kid. Too bad Hillary, you're number 7 and dropping fast. Guess the DNC can only afford so many copies.

    Ann Coulter drives the left wild because she deals in cold, hard facts, something most liberals have little experience with. It's so much easier just to feel good about yourself. Her new book Treason examines how pathetically Democrats have handled the awesome responsibility of national security. Among the major topics is the subject of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who had the audacity to be concerned that communist spies had infected the Defense and State Departments. He was excoriated by the media and the left. For 50 years his name has been synonymous with unfounded, mean-spirited witchhunt. Only thing is, it turns out he was right. Communists had infiltrated important positions. Alger Hiss was a commie spie. So were many other highly placed liberals. They betrayed their country to spie for Joe Stalin, Saddam's hero and role model. Thanks to Ann Coulter's courage, this July 4 we know we owe a debt of gratitude to a man who has been unfairly reviled for 50 years. He sacrificed his career and reputation, but in doing so he bought us time todeal with a threat few appreciated. Thanks, Joe.

    For the best in objective commentary and some great New York Times bashing,
  10. i generally agree with you, but i would like to make 2 comments...

    btw, these are not necessarily directed at you. these are just 2 things i want to say since you mentioned them in your post.

    #1 - is the PDT rule AMERICAN? i think it is a DISGRACE to our country. margin requirements for futures, THAT'S FINE. but a freaking arbitrary $25k number that decides how often you can trade?! THAT IS A USA DISGRACE.

    #2 - i definitely DO NOT believe all men are created equal. that is some bogus crap we were told in 2nd grade. it's evolution--survival of the fittest. some are born with better genes than others and that's just the way it is.
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