Thank you Al Gore and the Pentagon for the internet, Reward $40k..

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  1. Happy 40th to the internet !!!! Can you imagine where you would be without it? Can you find the 10 Red balloons and make $40,000.00 ?
  2. The challenge was over in less than 10 hours. All ten balloons were found by a team from MIT.

    This is a lesson in capitalism. The team that won spread the wealth around the most, agreeing to share $2000 for each found balloon to the finder, as well as a lesser amount to referrer of the finder. So basically, they didn't make much monetarily in the challenge, but the system worked, they got their information the fastest.

    Capitalism and information flow worked best with transparency and wealth sharing. In this example, the balloons were not hidden from sight. The team that won agreed to give or share 100% of their earnings.