Thank Goodness for the PPT

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Minime, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. I have no great wisdom or profound market knowledge, just some years of observing some truly miraculous "turnarounds", in the face of awful data. We all know Japan is rigged, why is it so hard to believe the same here?

    The market is a victim of it own success from the 1990s, very hard to let that unravel. SP should be at around 480, given same fundamentals as 1994 (where the mania started), why is it not?

    I'm curious to hear your reply.

    Hope you are having a good day.

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  2. Jeffo


    The market "should be at" wherever supply and demand dictates. That's how the market works. People saw a good buying opportunity this morning (myself included, and I'm not part of the PPT believe it or not). If the market now turns around and goes south the "PPT" will have failed yet again.
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  3. I also saw this as a easy trade. The futures just tanked so the obvious trade was to go long.
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  4. OK fair enuff, nuff said on this topic, yes I agree I would have also gone long the open had I not slept thru it!

    Hope you hit 'em hard this AM!

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  5. Jeffo


    Hey! Quit being so nice. :) I'm a cat lover. Will have to read up on yoru screen name.
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  6. Minime


    Whoever's responsible for today I'd like to thank them. :D
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  7. Minime


    I thought for sure we would roll over today, being close to a precipice, and gapping down overnight. But before I got too many short positions going, I remembered my friends at the government and promptly covered. I've been long the S&P from 926.25 since the break of the 30-min, and still holding. I just know with America's treasury behind me, I can put on riskless long trades and make money:D Too bad nobody else is helping this market along.:mad:
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  8. Somehow I knew this thread would get activated today:D

    The bulk of my gains today also came from getting long into the AM hole. Shorts were tougher:confused:

    Have a good one...
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  9. after war breaks out they will have an excellent excuse to buy any large dip. There are going to be some nice rallies.
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