thank god many of you hold jobs while pretending on ET

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mushimushi, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Well, if you have any vomit left, you can vomit on all that fake money, mom and pop America were pretending that they were making in their 401k's.
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  2. Hey COLD. How's it going.
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  3. yeah I know, life is a major bitch

    good point
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  4. not bad, how bout you

    you know.......I've been here the whole time

    its not like you saw me just now :D
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  5. The double-spaced, abrasive, no punctuation rhetoric gave it away.

    Cold-- This night has the feel of your 100th handle? We celebrating?
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  6. you betcha, cocaine and sluts for you and you and you ...........

    PS: what is truly pathetic is that people think that I try to go unnoticed, so they think that spotting me is an achievement

    pathetic, truly pathetic

    none of you guys stand a chance in trading
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  7. OK, I'm busted.

    I deliver pizzas for a living, and all of my fake +200 days on the p/l thread were simply to gain your acceptance.

    God I feel empty without mooshimooshi's love.
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  8. Sure I have three jobs, and you can decide if they're consistent.

    1: Back office mutual fund rep

    2: RIA Rep

    3:What I call being a trading system developer

    I'll leave it up to you to see if this is consitent with being a trader, but I happen to think it's part of a repressed emotion, too.
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  9. in United States of America

    truth is a repressed emotion LOL :p
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  10. Expired


    Okay, it's true. Now, can we get on with our trading life? Cos, you see, unlike yours, ours are very busy one that we really need this forum for traders, whether s/he tells the truth or not.. Thank you.
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