thank god many of you hold jobs while pretending on ET

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mushimushi, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. cause lets face it

    you wouldn't be able to post without job to pay for food

    I could understand you guys posting from library for free

    but without food, you would collapse

    thank god for Mcdonald and burger king
  2. why are you so angry? usually this type of attack, in addition to the others you have made recently, is evidence of a repressed emotion.

    why not get it off your chest? let me guess:

    portfolio losses?

    sexual inadequacy?

    daddy issues?

    it will be ok - we can give you a big ET on line-hug. then go have a big cry on your giant pillow. you will feel better.

    Your description is more apropo than you might think. :)

    and tell me that what I wrote is a lie

    go ahead

    say its not true,
  5. VictorS


    okay, i have to admit that one was hilarious. good one.:D :D :D :D
  6. LOL:D
  7. You win. I work and eat at McDonalds and Burger King. The victory is yours and the humility is mine. I can only hope this anonymous on-line message board triumph has bolstered your self esteem. Personally, i am crushed and defeated - you really showed me.

    Perhaps a more constructive way to deal with your anger/resentment/failure/ inadequacy would be to post a message asking for feedback on how to become a better trader? Or get therapy?

    Hell i'd even front you a man hug big guy - just send me the address of your parents basement. I'll bring by some day old cheeseburgers?
  8. Banff01


    WTF is the point of your threads? Did you just lose your Burger King paycheck going short? :D
  9. its all good mofo, its all good

    as long as you know your true life story
  10. point is

    I am sick and tired of you pretenders

    that's the point

    I vomit on your fake daily money you guys make
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