Thank God for dead soldiers VS Quran burning.

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  1. Why is it that the Quran burning got so many people on board against it. The media was non stop about it, politicians got on the bandwagon and the FBI went to his house. And he is being fined.

    But the Dead Soldiers, nothing at all. just crickets, no fines, no obama talk, no FBI, no media.

    how come? Are muslims more protected than our soldiers? I guess its okay to spit on our soldiers graves and insult the family right in the funeral but not okay to burn a quoran?
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    Welcome to Obama world.
  3. More proof that the media are a bunch of leftists. [​IMG]
  4. i think its a good thing that these people are out there. the world needs to know what religion does to the mind of those that are dogmatic.
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    Since we know that the media is profitable, and that leftists cannot run successful businesses, it is logical to conclude that the media is not leftist.

    Edit: I was just over at CNN and, lo and behold!

    Front page news.
  6. Frontpage is this.

    Do not see it as a front page headliner.

    The Quaran situation was top headline 24/7 every news station.

    You have to admit there is a large difference in the reaction between the Quran burning and those church folks protesting at funerals.
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    Hmm, when I click your link, I see the 12-tour soldier's video, top right.

    At any rate, you are correct, the media was all over the koran burning... because it was news. No conspiracy explanation needed.
  8. The difference is interesting. Striking really. I suppose the media would justify their coverage by the threats of worldwide riots, etc anytime something happens that displeases muslims. Insulting the memory of dead soldiers and invading the privacy of their families through a twisted religious viewpoint? No one much cares apparently.

    If this had happened during WW II, they would likely have been lynched and certainly would have been arrested and prosecuted. People were sent to prison for peaceful war protests.

    I wonder what would happen if muslims started protesting at soldiers' funerals?
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    Jesus, you are so lost.

    The media sells papers, magazines, and advertising. Start from there.

    Your beef is with the public who buys these products. The public was different during WWII.

    If muslims started protesting at soldiers' funerals, it would sell a lot of papers.