thank God and many of you

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IN2WIN, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. IN2WIN


    Another great day. I sincerely pray that those of you who have been consistently contributing to my gains, will yourselves begin to profit.

    I know there will always be new contributors, you have already given enough, so get moving forward.

    Find a profitable system, then FOLLOW IT RELIGIOUSLY - it's that simple, but as many of you know - not easy.

    There is plenty room in the winners circle.
    God Bless
  2. funky


    i hear ya brotha! awesome day for me too.

  3. I had a good day percentage wise but since I didn't put on SIZE...the dollar amount is not too impressive. Oh well.

    -FastTrader :p
  4. Hey, a winning day is a winning day any way you stack it up. Even if you only net a dollar, it is a hell of a lot better than taking a loss.


  5. LOL! If those who have consistently contributed to your gains begin to profit, is that going to take away from your profits? Or... are you praying that the contributors begin to profit from other people as you have profited from them?

    Better still, in the case of a long, if I sell it to you for a profit, and you buy it and it goes higher.... and you sell it for a profit.... who lost money? When you don't know the trader's intention on the other side of your trade, you cannot that anyone is contributing to your gains.
  6. fan27


    Actually, I did net a dollar today. Can't say that I am jumping for joy but I am not thinking of ways to sell body organs to replenish my trading account either.