Thank bootcampers/DJIA "add"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Don Bright, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Well, at about 18 minutes before the close, my bootcampers reminded me about the Dow "adds" today...asked how to play them...

    So, I entered the MOC orders for VZ and PFE (left AIG out, too expensive)....

    Made 13 cents....and showed them a live example!

    Thanks, guys!!!

  2. Ebo


    Don :

    Thats great!
    They must have a good professor.



    Thanks again for the FREE TA of Stocks and commodities Subscription .
  3. Mecro


    Wow thats quite amazing considering the huge moves AIG was making. A whole 13 cents, wow.

    By the way do you even notice that the 3 stocks were trading different from each other?
  4. It was kind of funny, I just did a "knee jerk" reaction (no comments!! . LOL)...and entered the MOC sell orders, bought the shares, and then (yes, after the fact, bad, bad) checked to see the last few days movements.....noticed that, after the announcement move, that they settled down, so felt a bit better.

    Anyway, not a big deal this time, but if the worst that you do on a "knee-jerk"(high percentage play) is make a few bucks, then I like it.

    I just fell back on instinct when not playing AIG.....goes to show that one never knows for sure.

  5. ========================

    Speaking of funny & DIA /gold related;
    heard any other like helpful navigator/alligator-chart/shipwreck jokes

    For those over 39 or49 years old i took my ginkgo bilboa pill;
    it helps you remember the difference between a market maker & specialist
    & remember to take other pills:cool: :D
  6. Come on now...charts are valuable tools for Astrologists....LOL

    Don :D