Thain's $230k Limo Driver!

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  1. $85,000 base salary + overtime + bonus.

    As reported by CNBC, Thain spent $830,000 on personal expenses last year, including $28k for four pairs of curtains, $7k for roman shades, and $35k for a commode on legs . . . all this while he was cutting jobs at Merrill!

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    People just don't understand the arrogance of these fucs

    They've been getting away with it for so long they think it's their right. Above the law. Geithner is talking about China and he's not even confirmed yet . Emanuel's house is owned by a foundation that doesn't pay RE tax. As long as people let it go on it will.
  3. Okay Mr. Dirtbag Executive, if you're reading this, I'm a very good driver. I know how to take care of business. I'm very trustworthy; what happens in the limo stays in the limo. Hell, I'll work for half that. :p
  4. TARP = Bankers' welfare.
  5. $1400 for a trash can.

    This son-of-a-bitch needs to fry.
  6. 35K toilet and he just resigned!!!
    Run Thain Run!
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    The good thing about Thain paying $ 35K for a toilet, you know he took a dump in style :)
  8. calling dips on his office
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    anyone ever take a dump on a $35k toilet ?
  10. I doubt it but then again I've never had any toilet appraised that I've shit in.

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