Thain on CNBC: longer work hours for you in '06

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  1. Big push at NYSE to get all stock and option traders longer work hours in '06.

    If you like the sound of your alarm clock going off while it's still dark outside, you'll love the earlier hours in '06.
  2. He is certainly not looking at this from a trading/execution point of view, but as a company executive looking to raise revenue. But longer hours will not bring more revenue ...only thing that extended hours will bring is less volty and more dead time = bad news for active traders( which happen to account for most of the NYSE`s vol). He stated himself last week that 60% of listed securities trades less than 100k a day. So does he expect vol to pick up is those thin names because people have more time to execute??? Take off the blinders dude......


    if thain dosent completely change everything within a week he might wet his pants
  4. More time for the TWAP blackboxes to spread their orders throughout the day.
  5. ozzy


    I already wake up at 5:30 AM. I don't mind I can trade upto 20 hours a day. Bring it on.

  6. I am also.....but that doesn't mean I want to sit at my machine and watch paint dry.
  7. ozzy


    Then don't. No one has a gun to your head.
  8. So you believe that longer hours will mean more opportunity even though volume will likely remain the same?
  9. ===============
    Love work any way, but not sure i will trade in the dark;
    I am usually up in the dark , but prefer to trade candlecharts,
    plenty of light.:cool:
  10. I'm calling for NYSE to restore Saturday hours. Been 50 years since they stopped it.

    Lazy bastids. :D
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