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  1. I am moving to Bangkok Thailand in 3-6 months. My wife is Thai so finding a place to live is no problem.

    I was wondering if anyone would share their trading experience in Thailand. Do you trade from an office? Do you trade from your apartment?

    Any information would be helpful,
  2. Is the internet connection good?
  3. anyone
  4. Thai Internet Providers

    So long as your internet connection is good and you have access to a good, reputable broker you are good to go.

    I would give the providers listed a call to see how their service is, but everything should be pretty solid (technology is technology).

    It would help to know what type of trading you do and what your background experience is so that we can judge what your experience will be.

    If you're used to doing it at home, it probably going to be BAU, if you're looking for a shop, you might have a problem there.

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    I am planning a move to Thailand in the same 3-6 month timeframe.

    I am interested to hear what others experiences may have been. I was recently up in the northeast - Sakon Nakhon - and the internet was not reliable. It appeared to be a local hardware/line problem causing major noise on the DSL connection I was on. I was unable to get it repaired during the short time I was there mainly because my Thai language skills are nearly non-existent, so it was a problem communicating with the internet provider.

    Bangkok, however, I had no problems at all, excellent high speed connection with little latency, ~250-300ms pings to zen-fire servers (from my hotel room, so I had no experience dealing directly with internet providers).
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    In theory I'm connected at 100 Mbps; in practice I get (from a site in LA):

    1676 download
    332 kbps upload

    I'm based in Hua Hin.

    Connection speeds in Bangkok maybe faster but its a tough place to live; not many foreigners can stand it for more than a short while...
  8. Bangkok connection wasnt terrible when it worked. Reliable connection was the real issue.

    I would experience power outages at least once a week.
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    I loved Hua Hin! I was there for about a day and a half, three years ago. Woke up, walked down the beach, had a kick-ass lunch....Chang a good buzz...jumped into 80 degree ocean and jumped around and wrestled and hooted and hollered like a real jackass. Got a massage on the beach on the way back for about 10 bucks. I'm really looking forward to going back.
  10. I have just moved to BKK and like to form a small group of traders to meet. If you are interested send me a PM. I live in central BKK ( SUK 46)

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