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Discussion in 'Trading' started by jem, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. jem


    Does anyone know of a english speaking brokerage firm in Thailand that will do trades for a us citizen if he funds the account or transfers in thai stock.

  2. If you want trade thai stocks, there are many brokage
    firms that are registered with stock exchange of thailand,
    and you can find all of them within their site links of brokers:

    You may contact amreican broker "Paul renuad" who
    owns website who now
    reside in pukhet island for sometime. He offer monthly
    subscribtion for his daily recommandation, and he might
    give you the exact answer you looking for.

    I guess you can directly can register with S.E.T also.
    Since i live in thailand half a year, had heard from many
    peolpe that trading gurues munipulate thai stock daily.

    By the way why you want to trade thai stock, i have moved
    here recently and do not intend to trade thai stock, since
    i cant speak thai lanugage yet, and because of that i might
    get cheated or make a mistake.
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  4. Why not? If you can trade profitably. Not only phuket but
    whole thailand is paradise if you have money.

    I were very Surprised that in following link nobody bring up
    Thailand as good place to be living. I did not want to,since I
    live here. There is misconcept about thai people that they are
    kind of dirty peolpe.
  5. nkhoi


    how is speed connection, is it realiable enough for day trading.
  6. Thailand's not a bad place to trade from, Internet is fine most of the time. But then the timezone to trade the US is shitty, trading finishes about 4am, and for about a year they've had the Thought Police in town closing the nightlife at 2am.

    Trading Europe's not too bad, mkts close at about 11-12pm.

    Can you imagine if Australia was in a good timezone, that would be trading heaven.
  7. To NKHOI

    how is speed connection, is it realiable enough for day trading.

    I had been using 56k for surfing, and fast enough and never had
    problem with this kind of connection, though thai people also
    do not use internet much.

    Frankly, i have no idea about speed for daytrading in Bangkok. But DSL is realy fast as i had been using from my hotel room in Bangkok last year.
    I had been doing all my trading from Iran-Tehran (in middle east), where is my first residence.

    Yes, Trading in bangkok is little broblem, if you are too much into
    night life. Summer starts 8.30pm-3.00Am, and winter 9.30Pm-
    4.00Pm. But you trade first and last "an hour and half".
    Btw you do not have to be out every night. I guess not a problem
    for me

  8. jem


    thanks for the information. Although, it was not for me but a person in my office where I trade. He has some stock in thai companies --- his broker closed their operation there. I think the info listed here should do the trick. Thanks