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  1. I will be in Thailand in August and July.

    I will be doing Bangkok, Pattaya, Ko Chang, the tiger temple, a nature park, Chang Mai and some of the south.

    If anyone will be there at the same time, please add to this thread and maybe we can hook up for beers, seafood and trading / poker talk.

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    was visiting only massage shops :))))))))
  3. If you make it up to Chiang Mai you should also go to Chiang Rai and do a REAL elephant tour through jungle (not one of those in a park, they are a rip-off). We hired a guide that took us on a two day trek through the Golden Triangle and stayed overnight with some villagers. Highly worth it if you have an opportunity. Elephants are amazing creatures and you will be amazed where they can go and how agile they are. Trip of a lifetime... Enjoy Land of Smiles.

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    i've been there. not much to do really. you line up, then you sit and pet a tiger and they take a picture for you

    there was a new litter of cubs when i was there so that was a bonus
  5. pet a tiger???:eek:

    thats a nasty cat
  6. one more thing, if you are into scuba diving check out some of the islands in the south. We also hit Koh Samui but in the future I would probably skip that because it is littered with Western tourists. I went to a private island that caters to only scuba divers (can't remember the name right now) but it was pretty cool if you are into that thing.
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    Nice pics. Thank you.
  8. your welcome. keep us posted on your trip... are you going to have to do a visa run if staying longer than a month? When I was there last I think 30 days was the limit on a tourist visa. We went for a day in Myanmar but there are probably better places to do one that's for sure. That's the one thing that is not good about Thailand... short entry visas... which can be a pain if you are wanting to stay for awhile :( .
  9. I am out there for 27 days only (3 days cushion time in case I am held up for whatever reason).

    I don't trade anymore -- I play poker. But I vowed to myself to be at the tables for at least 9 months of the year, and I am in no mood to play when on holiday.
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