Thai baht

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    Thai baht

    Last year, the Thai baht was Asia's strongest currency. Now it's one of the worst-performing in the region, thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. Economists say the Thai economy is over-reliant on Chinese tourism and exports, both of which have been hit by the outbreak. CNBC
  2. forex change not from these things. the exchange rate is the same. as it was a year ago. exchanges rate difference is difference in GDP , now if both GDP is down exchange rate is same.
    the 'exchange rate' is insignificant or significant to the 'traders' but overall the exchange doesn't matter to the economy of a country.
    The overall economy of the country is pretty strong and unemployment in Thailand is lower than US China is Asia biggest economy.
    currencies is what the central bank wants it to be. or strength is dependent on the country GDP.
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    Chinese are mostly here on "zero dollar tours" - they pay an amount to a Chinese agency at home and everything is included - which means everything at lowest cost to the tour operator. There are a lot of them but they are in no way driving the Thai economy.

    Thailand is booming - every city is growing, new malls, new roads, train systems. Money is pouring in from overseas - and of course, it's a big manufacturing base.

    This is a hiccup but like a lot of countries in the region, the middle class is growing and it's slowly on it's way to becoming a first-world economy.

    Lot's of money coming in to invest in all this. Thais are earning and spending more money here.
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