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    Since yesterday's earnings announcement....

    this stock may get a little attention. let me know what you think...


    TGX Theragenics -- Small Cap Profile (4.56 +0.16)

    After being a momentum stock in the late 90's, Theragenics fell sharply a few years ago and went through a restructuring and fell off the radar. However, the stock is showing signs of life again and could be making a comeback. Yesterday, the stock traded to a multi-year high following a strong Q4 report. Sometimes a big qtr can put a little company on the map for a sustained move. The co is a medical device maker and it's the brachytherapy segment that is the driver here: its TheraSeed device is used to treat prostate cancer without the drawbacks of surgery. Brachytherapy with the TheraSeed device involves a simple 45-minute, one-time procedure. Typically, a patient receives local anesthesia and does not feel anything below the waist. The physician then inserts thin, hollow needles into the prostate gland and deposits about 75-150 tiny seeds. Most patients leave the hospital within hours and resume routine activities in 2-3 days. During the next few months, the radioactive ingredient, palladium-103 (Pd-103), fights cancer from inside the body. The co says its treatment produces results better or equal to surgery... TGX's Q4 results were impressive with revenue rising 30% yr/yr to $14.8 mln and EPS of $0.05, ex-items, vs a loss a year ago. The co has now delivered four consecutive profitable quarters for the first time since 2002. The co also says it benefits from an important federal health law signed last month which protects reimbursement rates for seeds... Bottom line, TGX moved up on this report, but it still has a market cap of just $143 mln. A strong qtr can put a little known stock on the map, so it's a name to watch as it attempts a comeback. Mkt cap $147 mln, avg vol 134K. (PROFX)
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  3. Weird thought but the radioactive ingredient, palladium-103 (Pd-103),sounds similar to what killed those Russian agents >wonder if supply becomes an issue for TGX? I traded this butt seed co years ago but I think it was Nasdaq back then..... Always had very strong earnings and was always a good play at earnings time...
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    Stock did pretty good a day after the earnings.

    up 12%.

    I got in @ $4.30+
  5. 2ez I got to say you had a nice call on this today. Notice the lunchtime lift>U gave everyone on ET a lot of time to do our homework. I grabbed 50 cents. Would like to come back- need to flush out earnings swing more- can this be sustained? Are the seeds now being covered by HMO's or some angle like that....
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    Did you see or are you still holding ?
  7. 2ez I sold! I like the part about> The co also says it benefits from an important federal health law signed last month which protects reimbursement rates for seeds... Going to let it trade for a week and perhaps re enter there could be another nice move in the stock I feel, perhaps a $4.45 to $6.45 type play,,,,
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    Up again this morning.
  9. 2ez it's still going up! Looking at a 5 year chart I don't see how this cannot hit $6. Damn you!
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    yeah....but it's luck my friend...hehehe

    I agree with you on the increase......and I would feel much better if this thing pulled back a little. Getting
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