TGT look out below (anyone trade target)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ron In-a-sauna, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. anyone else trading TGT... ive been trading for almost two years now and cant recall ever seeing price action (maybe once or twicw, and once def. bad news followed) liek today... very aggressive selling and/or someone wanted out BAD... granted it also fell thorugh support.

    just seeing who else trades it, wha tthey think, and i suppose some caution is in order if anyone is long, i wouldn be surprised at all to see soem bad news, maybe a warning or downgrade, etc...
  2. Dustin


    Yeah he cost me $300 on that initial move
  3. which one?!?, from point to .80... ive seen him do that a lot, print the point at support, and then drop about anotehr 10-20 cents possibly to run stops or shake people buying the support...
    today though he went .00, .80, .55, .27 with only one print each and no upticks... (never seen this in this stock in two years)

    i bought the .80 and .50... bailed, then bought the .10 rode it up to .60 when the spoos turned, now i am short at .65 and holding
  4. holding over night (but hedged)... looking for bad news in the next few days
  5. your guess is as good as mine?

    held my short at .65ish form yesterday... almost coverd in mornig when it showed strength, held on and covered at .25 when market rolled, and ended up leaving 1/2 point on the table... but didnt mind b/c i wanted to take a quick prifit when it showed strength... wasnt all that surprised when i got back from the gym and it was up 1/2 point tp 38.00... also not surprised it ended flat on day, classical indecision (doji for you techies) so apparently the market doesnt know either.... big intraday range for TGT... if i were into options i might play a strangle, its been trading in such a range... youd of made a lot of money fading everything and playing the range over few months, but thats what i tried yest and got into trouble...