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    I’ve accepted a position as a quantitative analyst & software developer. This gives me the fun part of thinking about finance and markets, and writing code with none of the stress or boredom of trading. I also have access to some very bright people and big piles of confidential information and analysis. And now when the markets are closed for some minor holiday like Columbus Day, I get a paid day off rather than griping about not making any money that day.

    The down side however, is that I have a lot less free time. Economics has long been an interest of mine and I was happy to volunteer as co-moderator of the brand new Economics Forum. Shortly after taking on that role I was promoted to super mod. I’ve had fun helping out at Elite Trader, learned a fair amount and made many friends over my five+ years as moderator.

    So it is with some sadness but a whole lot of excitement about my future that I announce my resignation as Elite Trader Super Moderator as well as Co-Moderator of the Economics Forum.

    Fare thee well, Elite Trader.

  2. Congratulations.
    You've been one of the most consistent Mods at ET.

    Live long and prosper.
  3. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Was good to have your helping hand the past few years. The very best of luck in your new endeavor.
  4. allah hamdulillah, change's always good!

    salaam aleikum to u ;-)
  5. Congrats, I trust you will do well and I hope those you work with are normal:D

    ...whatever that is.

  6. Banjo


    The opportunity to expand your horizons is terrific, and what a great time in history to delve deeper into the mkts. with professional players. The very best of luck to you.
    What is a supermod, do you get a cape?
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    Sorry to see you leave TGregg, GL with your new job.
  8. Joe


    Dang, now I have to replace one of my star mods. Good luck TGregg.
  9. Missed seeing you in the private chat room now will miss seeing you as a moderator at

    Take care and congratulations on the new position.

    Wish you well and a Happy New Year 2008.

  10. Yes, good luck, tgregg.
    Wonder what chump they will find to replace you, a tough gig.
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