TGregg I wait for an answer about my hacked post !

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by harrytrader, Mar 24, 2004.

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    Random chars suck. My doctor gave me some ointment to rub on them, and it seems to help a little.
  2. Hi Harrytrader,

    I recommend you change your password immediately especially if your erased post and hacked post have occurred within ET designated time period that allows us to edit or delete our own posts.

    However, if your erased or hacked post have occurred after that designated time may want to talk to Baron about it.

  3. TGregg


    First off, filling a post with random characters would be a violation of policy here at ET. But if I were to do something that childish, it'd at least have a little more humor in it. Can't think of anything good right now, too busy getting ready for the open - it'd be something like a subtle change that would reverse your intended meaning or something.

    Anyway, check your password like Nihaba suggested. Dunno if Baron can track who changed what, but it might be worthwhile to ask him.

    Moved the thread to Feedback.
  4. couple years ago my friend emailed me his college paper to print for him since he didn't have a printer. i printed his original stuff, but on top, i also put a copy of his page 1--severely edited by me. i wrote all kinds of funny stuff.

    keep in mind i put it on the very top, and he also had his copy underneath.

    anyway, i talked to him later and i was like, "did you see what i wrote?" he was like, "what do you mean?" lmao

    i told him what i did and he was like, "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!" roflmao

    he had already passed it in and called his teacher to explain what happened. :eek:
  5. TGregg


    Now that was pretty funny. :D
  6. Oh what an argument hahaha ! I don't doubt that it is a violation of policy as well as I don't doubt that it is childish. What I doubt is that it doesn't come from you because IT ISN'T POSSIBLE TO DELETE A POST WITHOUT BEING A MODERATOR so not very useful for the hacker to get into my account. SINCE THE TWO ANOMALIES INVOLVED YOURSELF and since a MODERATOR ACCOUNT is needed for the first case you are the most suspicious one and I wonder if you shouldn't be banned to be moderator any more.

  7. Harrytrader,

    As I mentioned before to you...

    YOU CAN delete your own post as long as such occurs within that specified (60 mins) after you posted your message.

    (see attachment)

    The attachment is the message I got after I just attempted to edit my prior post to you...long after 60mins has expired.

    Therefore, if your posts has been deleted or edited without your permission within those 60mins...

    You have more choices to point the finger to.

    My question to you...have you changed your password after I've recommended such ???

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    FWIW, I have noticed some real strange things recently also. I do not get random characters, but if I go in and edit a post, many of the words that were in the post correctly will lose letters after I hit "Save Changes."

    nitro :confused:
  9. One thing for sure.... TGregg has always been an outstanding member of this community, and continues to demonstrate his good judgement day in and day out as moderator. I would never suspect any moderator of hacking another member's post. And if TGregg says he didn't have anything to do with it, then rest assured he did not.

    Whatever happened .... happened. If the post were so important, repost it. Of course if it were one of those posts that rival War and Peace in length, I can see why you might not want to go through it again.

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