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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by robbo, Jul 6, 2004.

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    I am looking to buy a Wall Bracket for my 4 TFT'S,does anybody have a link of a company that sells them,TIA
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  3. BVM88


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    Thanks for the replys.

  5. BVM88 Awesome have some Great Products at Fantastic Prices.Check them out if you are after LCD Brackets.
  6. Hi Guys,

    A big hello from downunder where apparerntly we make the best LCD/TFT mounting brackets in the world.

    Wanted to say - wow, we're getting lots of hits from this thread, thanks....

    If we can help the forum members, let us know.

    If you'd like to see our latest promo video :


    The LCD Monitor Mount People.
  7. Ergotron and Hergo's Prices are a Joke.There LCD Wall Mounts cost as Much or More than TFT'S.I have placed an Order with SkunkWorks.
  8. My TFT Brackets arrived.It only took the package 5 days to arrive from Down Under and they are Top Quality.I am really pleased with them and throughly Recommend to anyone looking to buying TFT Brackets/Arms.Thanks bvm88 for the link.
  9. Hi Guys - A big hello from downunder.

    Wanted you guys to be first to know that we're opening an ofice in California in September.

    So great has been the support from this site that we have the confidence that we can do well in the US.

    Here is a link to our latest price list.

    We have introduced automated brackets so that you can lift up to 6 screens from under your desk. It makes your home office look tidy when not in use and then BANG with the press of a button up come 6 screens automatically. Very Cool.

    Or how about a system that will allow you to move a 65" plasma or 6 LCD screens from your living room to your den or from your desk to your couch all robotically!

    Need more info - email me directly