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  1. Info


    I am on a list of, for their daily newsletter. They always presented their track record, so I have been considered membership, but my friend told me, that their performance decreases in last months.

    I found out, that they have stoped to present their track record now.

    Any members here? Where is the problem?

    Thank you for sharing. :)
  2. They have good ideas you can learn from but I am afraid like most chatrooms they are part of the breakout(breakdown) crowd, which could be why their results haven' t been great (just a guess, haven't looked at what they do for a while,never been a member,trials only).
  3. murphy


    I do agree with the previous post that their results (other chats included) haven't been as good as before but they're still one of the few chats that provides real and legit results. If they make 10 cents, so be it, they don't fluff it like some "freakin" site we all know and love.

  4. hawk4205


    Nice people but no way is it worth the $.
  5. Info


    Hm. Doesn't sound very optimistic...

    And how about their Broker Assisted Trading product?
    Any experience?

    Thank you for your answers. :)
  6. Machal


    So, if the breakouts "strategy" doesn't work at this market, why they (if they are good traders) don't change a strategy?

    Trading is about adapting, isn't it...? :)

  7. The broker assisted program that they had with Elocal was cancelled at a loss.

    Have they started another with a different broker?
  8. Toni


    Hello Info,

    We are currently in the process of redesigning our site and since it takes me about an hour a day to update the tracking as it is done in depth I have not gotten the last several weeks posted which is why the link is down. It will of course be up on the new site we are hoping to have released this month. All of the logs are posted on the site though for trialers and all alerts are set to stand out, so you are welcome to come and take a look. While it is true that Brandon was having a rougher time the last few months while he was battling health issues, we have always been pretty consistent.

    All my best,
    Trading From Main Street
  9. Toni


    "So, if the breakouts "strategy" doesn't work at this market, why they (if they are good traders) don't change a strategy?

    Trading is about adapting, isn't it...? "

    Yes, it is about adapting. Breakouts are only one strategy I use. I don't think strategies "stop working", they just work better in certain circumstances than others. I am still using breakouts at present.

    All a pattern is is an extension of a larger market pattern and they flow in and out of favor. Generally speaking, your risk is lowest the earliest you get in on a new trend move. Hence, breakouts from the first or second correction in a new trend will work out the best ofr you in the long run.

    I apologize for the short response. I don't post much on message boards, but if you have any questions just let me know.

    All my best,
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