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    Trading From Main Street's Market Alerts:

    Market Alerts are triggers given primarily by Toni that key you into important upcoming or current events in the market. They may be support or resistance levels, an upcoming correction to the market trend or a pattern forming in the market.

    If used correctly, they can be powerful triggers for trading opportunities or aids to assist you in exiting a position. Only the main support and resistance levels, patterns, or larger trend actions are alerted with market alerts. Follow-up will typically come after the alert to help you in identifying the reasons behind the alert and assist in utilizing it. If members ever have questions regarding any alert, they are encouraged to ask them.

    The following is a sample day from June 24, 2003 showing market alerts in action. As you can see, only the pivotal levels and patterns were mentioned. We don't like to play guessing games with the market. It's our money on the line!

    1) 09:39:38 *Market Alert*: 10:00 consumer confidence coming up
    2) 09:45:47 *Market Alert*: market showing some resistance in here
    3) 10:04:25 *Market Alert*: 15 min 200 sma resistance in the indices all sessions closing in
    4) 10:19:37 *Market Alert*: NASDAQ hitting premarket lows support here
    5) 10:21:35 *Market Alert*: ES 15 min 20 sma hitting intraday as support
    6) 10:36:57 *Market Alert*: avalanche type pattern forming on the 5 min
    7) 10:38:02 *Market Alert*: next support is the day's lows in the SP500
    8) 11:04:25 *Market Alert*: 2 min bear flag in the indices (this pattern was discussed as a final indicator to start looking for a correction, not as a pattern to short)
    9) 11:04:32 *Market Alert*: setting up here
    10) 11:05:08 *Market Alert*: watch for reversal patterns off this flag
    11) 11:18:57 *Market Alert*: getting that reversal coming in here (solid reversal patterns followed, setting up over lunch)
    12) 11:27:08 *Market Alert*: 5 min 20 sma resistance in the ES hitting
    13) 12:28:44 *Market Alert*: 1200 price resistance here on this mid-day correction with the 15 min 20 sma all sessions NQ
    14) 12:49:50 *Market Alert*: 5 min 200 sma NQ coming up .. resistance 1202.3 (all sessions)
    15) 13:14:43 *Market Alert*: 5 min 20 sma will be next market support
    16) 14:04:48 *Market Alert*: look for a correction in here gang (trade alert from Brandon followed)
    17) 14:25:09 *Market Alert*: 5 min 20 sma support
    18) 14:25:28 *Market Alert*: larger time frame is still for more correction from the highs
    19) 14:47:18 *Market Alert*: ES 15 min 20 sma support all sessions here
    20) 14:53:46 *Market Alert*: getting a bit of a correction off the 15 min support in here
    21) 15:13:12 *Market Alert*: 5 min 20 sma resistance here NQ/$compx
    22) 15:30:52 *Market Alert*: price resistance at SP highs from mid-day here
    23) 15:46:49 *Market Alert*: price support at prior lows here with 2 min 200 sma ES

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    How much lag is there with the Alert...or is it prior to price getting to critical level ?
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    They are actionable, meaning that the info is presented to you before the setup and allowing you time to take advantage of it. You can try the two week trial and see if it works for you.

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  4. Sorry to be off topic, but could you reply to me PM as to why TFMS sponsors the Chit Chat Section as opposed to any actual trading section? Just curious..

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    When I first discussed what to sponsor with Baron chitchat was available. It gets a heavy amount of traffic and is priced well, so we took that one.

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    Good work on the market today. By my count you had 13 to 15 ES points pegged by lunch time. Your consistency is solid. Great work....your team is strong and offers great education to all fisherman out there.........Fish-ON
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    Range Chart
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    [12:49] <brandon> ok whenever you are looking at a stock or an index you have to ask yourself what is it doing?
    [12:49] <brandon> What is the trend
    [12:49] <brandon> there are three possible trends
    [12:49] <brandon> up, down, sideways
    [12:50] <brandon> once you have identified what the trend is you must ask yourself where are we in the context of that trend
    [12:50] <brandon> once you ask that
    [12:50] <brandon> you can begin to determine what type of actions to take
    [12:51] <brandon> if you are in an uptrend and its pulled back to support
    [12:51] <brandon> purhaps you can buy

    [12:51] <brandon> if you are in a sideways trend and you come up to the top of the range
    [12:51] <brandon> then you will want to look for reversal timeframes on a smaller timeframe and go short
    [12:51] <brandon> coz a range is a range is a range
    [12:52] <brandon> one of the most dangerous things people do is they get all caught up in a stock or index as it reaches the top of the range
    [12:52] <brandon> they get silly bullish
    [12:52] <brandon> if its going to break
    [12:52] <brandon> normally the best course of action is to let it
    [12:52] <brandon> then buy a retest