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  1. Guys/Gals, How is the volume of TF on ICE. Also did you like the price action of TF on ICE compared to ER2.

    Thanks for any reply. :)
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    I've found TF to be very hard to trade with stops/limits I used with ER, but how much of that is due to the contract, and now much to the market volatility, is impossible to tell at this point.
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    It seems as of late that the volume of TF on ICE at slower times is significantly less, on average, almost half, what it was for ER2 at the CME.
  4. Actually, that's better volume than I was expecting. Globex is a tough platform to compete against.
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    TF doesnt compete against globex or anyone
  6. The volume is there in the r2000 mini contract on ICE. Just trade the damn thing. I don't know what everyone is afraid of. This has been a great contract and still can be.
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  7. Volume means nothing... open interest is the problem. For the past few weeks, TF has had single-digit size per strike available on the dome. That's why it spreads the bid/ask 5 to 8 ticks wide sometimes. Try holding a stop at any logical distance when the bid/ask flares a full handle wide. Cause? Total lack of liquidity to handle the volume.

    ES has contracted the same disease since late last week. O/I on the ES dome is 1/3 what it was during normal periods. That's why it keep ripping sideways thru 5pt (= handle) whipsaws all day long. ES frequently posts 2-tick bid/ask spreads intraday, which was unheard of before.

    Volatility was nice... for awhile. Then it turned to violence, and has killed liquidity right now. Current tapes are like trading thru the first 5min past an FOMC rate announcement... but this time it's all day long.

    Won't last much longer, extreme tape violence is indicative of a big washout and trending period straight ahead.
  8. I won't argue with that. the first two levels of depth in the order book remain very thin.
  9. might as well trade the S&P 400... about the same dome as TF right now.

    Conditions are horrid even for trading ES, have been since Friday. Temporary :mad:
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