TF mini-Russell 2000

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  1. anyone trading the TF mini-Russell 2000 on ICE USA?

    I traded it for 28 roundtrips today. Let's start a discussion on it...look forward to it...
  2. Great market, I traded it for 2 rounds for 15 points today. I like TF and NQ, they both have a lot of movement.
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    Another journal young CAT :cool:

  4. I really like the TF for great per point value $100 and per tick $10...also, has great high-low daily range and also low daytrade margins...IMO, blows away the ES, YM and NQ...
  5. What's your style? How are you trading TF?

  6. mainly looking to ride the momentum sells or buys...jumping in when heavy buying or selling...also looking at key support and resistance levels...
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    *cough* chasing big candles *cough*
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    Seriously Incy, what kind of stop are you using on the TF? That insrument can whip you around like nobody's business. I think CL has less whipsaw and is more fun to trade.

    You didnt find much success with gold, I dont see how you will have any consistency with the mini Russell.
  9. Sounds good man, just stay with it and keep learning how it moves. You should be able to use a tight stop since you are trading at support and resistance levels and price action does not have to move too far to indicate if the trade is not working. Be patience and wait for the best setups with the trend of your time frame and you will be fine.

  10. got +3.6 points today trading the TF!!!!!...finally!! biggest day yet on the, not to 'overtrade' in the afternoon and...lose it...all!
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