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  1. I've been trading for a little over eight years now. My focus is on the Russell 2000 and emini S&P contracts. I usually have some type of volatility band and stochastics up, but I really trade price action.

    I enjoy sharing what I do, and continually getting better. I plan on uploading trade recap videos daily, walking through each trade made for the day, and opening things up for questions and comments. I look forward to this. I've never done the forum thing before.

    So far in April I'm up 8.6% with a max drawdown of 3.2%
    March ended up 22.7% with a max drawdown of 4.5%

    Happy hunting.
  2. Look forward to it.

    Do you sell anything , seminars, lessons, signals ect. or strictly a trader?

    If you're strictly a trader, I'll be following.

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    Let's see how many pages this thread goes before it is deleted , "highballs".
  4. @Zr1Trader - No, nothing to sell here. Just trading.

    @Macho - I completely understand where you're coming from on that sarcastic post, there's a lot of that out there. I understand respect is earned though. See you around.

    btw - I'm having trouble posting for some reason...? They're not showing up when I submit...
  5. First couple posts on ET have to be approved by mods to see if your a robot/spammer or not.
  6. Thanks for the info. What's the best way for me to post my trade recap videos? A link to, or embed, the post I've uploaded to youtube?
  7. I see you have already received a warm ET welcome. I look forward to your first recap. (You can also use links to jing/screencast, but the free combo is limted to a 5 min vid.)
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    thanks for the thread and the video.

    how do you use stochastics? if you were in a downtrend bias would you not want to

    1) short a price pullback with stochastics rolling over 80 and under as a signal to short


    2) stochastics moving under 20 during consolidation breakdown

    also how do you use keltner channel?

    looking forward to more trades and video.

  10. tihfa, as far as stochastics and keltner bands go, I don't really use them for entry or exit decision. Honestly, they're mostly there out of habit.

    The only real use I get from them is to give me a little added confidence to pull the trigger on a trade when I start to let some form of fear/doubt creep in. As you can see from the video recap, some trades make sense with a stochastic signal as you described, but some are completely opposite from that.

    I'm of the humble opinion that most traders go through a painful process of trying to find the perfect indicator or combination of indicators to be successful. The learning I've gone through has led me to realize that all these indicators are derived from price action. I focus on price action. Notice the keltner bands are very faint on my charts.. That's so they don't distract me from what I feel is most important... Price action.

    I hope this answers your question, and provides you and others more clarity on how I trade.
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