Text Message Price Alarms

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jr07, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. jr07



    Anyone use successfully a system that sends you a text message if certain stock hits a certain price?
    I found one online but only tell you opening and closing prices.
    I want to be alerted if a stock reaches a certain price
    I found another system but they told me they had no more space for more customers? Amazing
  2. Have you tried Google via "cell phone stock quote price alerts"...


    Also, several charting programs offer real-time stock quote alerts or alerts on trading instrument you're subscribed to and have up on your monitor (e.g. Tradestation).

    Have you tried services like QuoTrek (now called Interactive Data Mobile of eSignal) that sends alerts to BlackBerry, iPhone and other mobile devices.


    I know someone